In White Flower Kingdom, where only spring is welcomed, General Gion lived for the glory of the kingdom.  


The first thing Gion did upon returning alive from the Valley of Snow was to kill the king and queen.




To be more precise, the parents of the woman he loved. 


"Now, the throne is your rightful place." 


Princess Rohwa, the 17th and only royal descendant of White Flower Kingdom, the noble only daughter of the king, his beloved woman, Princess Rohwa, took her seat on the throne. 


For the glory of White Flower Kingdom, for the life of Rohwa. 


And then, he died in front of her. Gion was certain. 


But for some reason, he could hear Rohwa's voice. 


"A century had passed.” 


A hundred years after Gion's ‘death,’ White Flower Kingdom had fallen.